About grow Your Ownn

Bringing people the pleasure we feel

when a seed becomes a plant

About us

Hello, my name is Heaven and I have a huge passion for plants!

This passion started when I left home when I was 18 and got my first room. A friend gave me a very small Monstera Deliciosa which now is a nice big houseplant!

I immediately enjoyed watching the plant grow and taking the best possible care of it. The passion has only grown over the years and now we have a whole house full of plants. Great to be busy with and especially to see new leaves appear. That makes me really happy!

When discussing my in-laws’ vegetable garden, we asked ourselves the following question: “Why buy houseplants when you can grow them yourself?”

GROW YOUR OWNN has been born.

Hello, my name is Stijn and I have a girlfriend with too much passion for plants..

Our products offer the customer a fun and unique experience! Unlike when you buy a plant, you will see that a plant that you have grown yourself really becomes your baby.

We introduce innovative products with lots of enthousiasm and an eye for the enviroment