Growing your own houseplant?

How does it work?

from seed to leaf

The growset

With the help of the Grow Your Ownn growset you can easily grow your own houseplant! The growsets contain everything you need to grow your own houseplant!

What is in our growset?

– A nice terracotta coloured pot

– Two cocofiber tablets

– Five houseplant seeds

– A card that refers to the specific sowing information on this website!

How do you proceed?

Of course, always start by reading the plantspecific sowing instructions. These can be found via the link below in our webshop!

Step 1-the seeds

If you have read the instructions, you now know whether you should soak the seeds in handwarm water before planting. If yes, start with this and wait the indicated time.

Step 2-the soil

The next step is to prepare the soil. Put the cocofiber tablets in the pot and pour 200 ml of water as indicated. After the tablets have completely absorbed the water, stir the soil to ensure that it is not too solid.

Step 3-sowing

After you have properly prepared the seeds and soil, it is now time to put the seeds in the soil! Be careful not to put the seeds too deep in the soil.

A rule of thumb for this is: put the seeds as deep in the soil as they are large.

Step 4-Moist

To ensure that the seeds germinate well, it is important that the soil is always slightly moist. A tip from us is to cover your jar with cling film. This prevents the soil from drying out quickly and having to water often, which we all forget sometimes.

Letting the soil dry out can result in a failed grow!

Step 5-Warmth

To ensure that the seeds germinate, it is important that the ambient temperature is not too low. So make sure, especially in winter, that the pot is in a warm place, for example close to a radiator.

Step 6-Wainting

The waiting game has begun, depending on the type of seed you have to wait longer or shorter. This is nature and waiting is part of it!

But it will be worth the wait when you see your Grow Your Ownn appear for the first time!