Grow the easy way

1 tablet = 365 days fertilization

Grow healty – grow strong


Plantfood is a 100% organic fertilizer that feeds your plant for 365 days! The tablets give your plants annual fertilization through a controlled release of nutrition.
With one tablet you are done for a whole year!

Plantfood consist of everything that your plants need to grow big and healthy. This is among other things because of the variation in trace elements and active soil bacteria. The active soil bacteria ensure your plant can absorb the fertilizers. These sustainable tablets are therefore a green and much better alternative to synthetic fertilizer.

Grow tablets are suitable for all plant species and are available in small and large. Dependent on the pot size you choose small or large and ad one or more grow tablets.

Step 1 – The tablets

Step 2 – Go and dig!

Based on the table below, determine how many tablets you are going to add to the soil.

Step 2 – Go and dig!

Carefully dig a hole close to the roots. When you are planning to add multiple tablets, dig a hole for every tablet.

Step 3 – Into the soil

Push the tablet in the hole and cover with soil.

Step 4 – let it grow!

Done! Now it is time to lay back for another 365 days, done for a whole year!