Lily of the Nile


Who am I?
Hi, my name is Agapanthus praecox blue, but I am also known as the Lily of the Nile! My Agapanthus family can be devided in three subfamilies, my toxic brother the Orientalis, my little brother the Mimimus and last but not least, me the ‘Preacox’.

Where do I come from?
Over the years I became one of the most populair garden plants in the world! Especially in the mideteranian area. But I love to grow indoors as well! My roots can be found in the Cape of good hope in South-Africa where they call me Agapant, Bloulelie, Isicakathi or Ubai. For the ancient Eqyptions I was a holy plant and was mainly used for my lovely scent.

How big will I get?
I am a relaive fast grower and my 10 to 11 leaves can grow up to one meter in hight. My beautifull blue flowers smell delicious and have stamens that can grow up to 5cm long!

How much do I want to drink?
I am quite easy to care for. Give me a good sip of water once in a while, but make sure my roots are not soaking in water. When I don’t get enough water, I lose my fresh green color and I start to hang. Make sure that this does not happen and otherwise please water quickly. If you want me to bloom really nicely, it is wise to also provide me with food.

Where do I want to be and what temperatures do I like?
When it comes to temperatures, I’m pretty easy going, I even like being outside! What I don’t like are temperatures below 5 degrees, so make sure in the winter that I get a sheltered spot and you can move me inside if necessary. I belong to the evergreen Agapanthus species and therefore have beautiful leaves all year round!


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Step 1: Place the coco tablets in the pot and pour 200 ml of water on it.

Step 2: Plant two seeds as deep as they are large, make sure the seeds are completely covered with soil. It may also be a lack of water, but this is usually not the case. You can keep the other seeds if the seeds do not germinate after the indicated period.

Step 3: Cover the pot with cling film and put the pot in a warm, bright place.

Step 4: keep the soil moist during the germination process.

Step 5: give your plant(s) a name!

Step 6: wait, the germination of this plant takes about 2 weeks.


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