Eucalyptus Cinerea


Who am I?
Hello, My name is Eucalyptus Cinerea! I belong to the Myrtaceae family consisting of more than 600 different species. Because of my beautiful round green-silver leaves I am also called the Silver Dollar Tree. As I get older my leaves will become more elongated. My bruised leaves give off a menthol smell. Did you know that you can pour boiling water over a handful of leaves for a wellness scent?

Where do I come from?
I am originally from the southeastern part of Australia where I am the Koala’s favorite snack.

How big will I get?
I am a medium-sized tree species and in my native country I can grow up to 30 meters tall. I can easily grow to 40cm in a small pot.

How much do I want to drink?
I like high humidity and I like to be in slightly moist soil, so give me regular water! Do not let the soil dry out, I can tolerate a period of drought but my leaves will then wilt. I do recover, but my wilted leaves no longer do this.

Where do I want to be and what temperatures do I like?
I usually love a lot of light, so I like to be in full sun! However, be careful when there is a very strong sun, then I can burn especially when I stand behind the glass.



Step 1: Place the coco tablets in the pot and pour 200 ml of water on it.

Step 2: plant two seeds as deep as they are large, NOTE: do not plant the seeds too deep!! Sow a maximum of 1mm deep. It may also be a lack of water, but this is usually not the case. You can keep the other seeds if the seeds do not germinate after the indicated period.

Stap 3: Cover the pot with cling film and put the pot in a warm, bright place.

Step 4: keep the soil moist during the germination time.

Step 5: give your plant(s) a name!

Step 6: wait, the germination of this plant takes about 2 weeks.


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