Monstera Deliciosa


Who am I?
Hello, my name is Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the hole plant! I come from the Aracea family, just like the Philodendron Selloum. Crawling I like to climb trees or a moss stick!

Where do I come from?
Originally from the tropical rainforests of Mexico and Panama, today I am one of the most popular houseplants in the world!

How big will I get?
I have a fairly thick stem, which can grow up to 20 meters in length. I can also grow several meters high in your living room, provided I am well taken care of. Of course I need something to climb in otherwise I will crawl! My leaves are large, shiny and leathery. I also get holes as I get older. My leaves can grow up to 25 x 90cm.

How much do I want to drink?
The soil in my pot may remain slightly moist in spring and summer, in winter my soil may feel dry for a week before you water me again. Be especially careful with giving too much water, so don’t water too often and start with small amounts. Is the soil still wet after about 5 days? Then give me less water next time.

Ohja! I like to receive regular sprays!

Where do I want to be and what temperatures do I like?
Put me in a place where I don’t stand in the sun all day, especially the warm hours of sunshine in the afternoon I don’t tolerate very well. I prefer a place where I am in the shade for half the day. In Panama and Mexico it is nice and warm, I like that, be careful with temperatures lower than 15 degrees.

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Step 1: Place the coco tablets in the pot and pour 200 ml of water on it.

Stap 2: Plant two seeds as deep as they are large, make sure the seeds are completely covered with soil. It may also be a lack of water, but this is usually not the case. You can keep the other seeds if the seeds do not germinate after the indicated period.

Stap 3: Cover the pot with cling film and put the pot in a warm, bright place.

Step 4: keep the soil moist during the germination process.

Step 5: give your plant(s) a name!

Step 6: wait, the germination of this plant takes 1 to 3 months.

Step 7: Store the unused seeds in the refrigerator.


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